Celebrity Taches

Ian Anderson Ian Anderson

Having dispensed with the Fagin-style beard of the 60s/70s in favour of a more clean-cut style during the late 80s/90s, the voice behind Jethro Tull has succumbed to the Zappa look for the Millennium. I can't remember the facts (need to dig out my old copies of A New Day) but Tull toured with Captain Beefheart in the USA for a short period.

Antonio Banderas Antonio Banderas

'The Mystery Man came over...'For the film 'The Mask of Zorro', Antonio Banderas sports a Z-tache - I guess it's probably a fake, but hey - who cares?

See Anthony Hopkins below who also sports the look for the film.

Jimmy Carl Black Jimmy Carl Black

Recently the Indian of the Group has taken to wearing a zappatache - catch him on tour with the very excellent Muffin Men

Bruce Campbell Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell, of 'Hercules' & 'Xena' fame has adopted an astonishing likeness to FZ - almost straight off the cover of BWTHW! Bruce plays a character called Autolycus, and is an all-round good guy in the show(s).  He also played a fairly large role in the creation of the Evil Dead movies, as well as appearing in a couple of Coen Bros films.  Check out his own website for details of all this stuff, and plenty more pictures.

Conceptual Continuity Link?BC as Hunchback After seeing this picture I went looking for a bit of background, and found this even more uncanny similarity - both having played hunchbacks!

Autolycus Action Figure And finally... Ever wanted to own a Zappa-doll? Not a Ms Pinky, but an 'Action Figure' to end all? Well, this is as close as you'll probably ever see (unless someone makes a Zappa Biopic). This is of course the toy version of Autolycus, but you can always pretend...  Follow links on Bruce's page to find where to get one of these things if you feel the need.

Robert Carlyle

Star of 'Hamish MacBeth', 'Cracker', and of course 'The Full Monty' is the latest to sport the FZ-image. Although, as this picture shows, he looks a little more like Larry The Dwarf than Frank himself.

Sean Connery Sean Connery

Superstar Connery donned a FZ-ish growth for the 'Highlander' films, where he appeared in the sequel despite losing his head in the first film.  Makes about as much sense as his supporting Scottish Devolution when he lives in Marbella.

The Big Yin Billy Connolly

Billy in 'Still Crazy'This is my favourite beard-a-like, and the inspiration for this site.  I went to see the Big Yin in concert when he first started sporting this look, and if I covered my ears I could just image FZ on the stage in the distance. Billy's facial structure is not dissimilar to Frank's (i.e. he's got a Honker!), so they look more alike than most.  Also, Billy uses some similar gestures to Frank when talking which adds to the effect.  

Conceptual Continuity There is a story that the Big Yin was passing FZ's house and called in, but the person answering the door told Billy that Frank would not be interested.  Unfortunately, it turns out that FZ thought that BC was pretty good, and wanted to meet him too.  Bummer.

Emilio Estevez Emilio Estevez

For 'Rated-X', Emilio Estevez sports a Zappa-tache - on the promotional poster at least.  Co-star & 1/2 brother Charlie Sheen did likewise.

Tom Hamilton - Aerosmith Tom Hamilton

The Aerosmith bass player dons the tache in the video for 'I don't want to miss a thing', the theme from 'Armageddon'

For more info pay a visit to the Aerosmith site.

Roy Harper Roy Harper

The UK's answer to Zappa (politically, rather than musically) - Roy has shared a number of similar targets with his own distinctive brand of rock/love/protest songs - e.g. Islamic Fundamentalists, Environmental Apocalypse, Media manipulation, etc. He's well respected in musical circles, having had such folk as Dave Gilmour, Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Ian Anderson and Jimmy Page (amongst many others) guest on his albums over the years.

Conceptual Continuity Zappa did a tribute to Led Zep, but Zep did a tribute to Roy - "Hats off to (Roy) Harper" on LedZepIII. Robert Plant: 'Somebody had to have a wry sense of humour and a perspective which stipped ego instantly. As we couldn't get Zappa, Harper is a marvellous man and a crucial chum...'
Visit his own site for album details, or the unofficial site for tour info.

Roy's son Nick regularly features a version of 'Titties and Beer' in live concerts (at which Roy has taken the role of the Devil), and has also been known to break into a snippet of 'St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast'. Well worth seening live - an excellent guitarist & witty songwriter in his own right. His latest double live album is selling for a very reasonable price now at Quixotic Records, and latest news is that the ZFT have given permission for TAB to appear on a future album.

BJ Hogg

BJ plays the role of Mervyn, Uncle Andy's best friend in BBC's 'Give My Head Peace' - unfortunately not well-known outside of N. Ireland, this show features a wonderful dysfunctional look at a family split down either side of the sectarian divide. Worth a visit to the BBC site if you've never experienced it.

Anthony Hopkins Anthony Hopkins

For 'The Mask of Zorro', Anthony Hopkins grew (or more likely stuck on) a Zappa-tache.  Co-star Antonio Banderas did likewise.

George Michael George Michael

"... and he likes to be that way!"

The man who changes his image more often than his underpants... briefly flirted with 'the look'.  Some folk wear it well - George manages to look like 'Mr Claypole'.

George has changed his look yet again, and no longer wears a Z-tache.  To mark the occasion, the first line of his first 'post-Zappatache' song states "I think I'm done with the SOFA..."

Coincidence? Or is he a closet Zappaphile (or should that be out of the closet?)

Trent Reznor Trent Reznor

The man behind Nine Inch Nails (NIN) - I don't know much about him other than he plays dark, industrial music for those of a gloomy disposition.  Does humor belong in music?

Thanks to Miguel Fliguer (The Source of All Ponchos) for this nomination

Conceptual Continuity The ubiquitous Adrian Belew collaborated with Reznor on the NIN album "The Downward Spiral" (Thanks Eric)

Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen

For 'Rated-X', Charlie Sheen sports a Zappa-tache - on the promotional poster at least.  Co-star & 1/2 brother Emilio Estevez did likewise.

Kenneth Branagh as Hamlet Kenneth Branagh

Star of Frankenstein and Henry V amongst many other films, Ken's taken to sporting an approximation to the Zappatache for his latest film, Hamlet, which lacks the vertical tips and which clashes badly with his hairdo.  Close but no cigar, Ken (sorry, couldn't resist that!)