Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is/was Frank Zappa?

A: Only one of THE most original musicans/composers/entertainers of the 20th century.  Follow some of the links on this site to find out more, or better still go and buy "Cheap Thrills" from your local Music Shop - it costs about 1/3 of the price of a normal CD these days and gives a tiny taster of what the man has done (but not including some classical or Synclavier stuff).

Q: What is the proper name for Frank's 'beard/moustache'

A: It's called an imperial.

Q: When did he grow it?

A: Sometime around .... I dunno?

Q: Why this site?

A: Because for a some time after Frank passed away, I had been seeing various people - including several celebrities - sporting FZ-type moustaches.  I kept thinking that it was as if these people were just waiting for Frank to go so they could stake their claim of the image.  Frank really had make the look his own.  I decided it was time that someone brought all the offenders together.