Welcome to FuZzBALLS!


The FuZzBALLS were last tweezed on 22nd May 2008

Fortune City have plastered so many adverts over this page that it was unreadable, so time for a move... ...and here we are. 10 years after the site started!

When Frank passed away, I became aware seeing many more people wearing FZ's trademark Imperial.
It seems as though the facial adornment we all associate with Zappa was so distinctive that nobody would copy the style whilst he was alive. Now he's gone, it's every man for himself in the race to sport the FZ-lookalike style.
We'll be featuring a range of FZ look-a-likes, along with any common ground shared with Mr Z. If you have any further examples, please email us (with a picture if you've got one), and we'll incorporate them into the site.